Ultra Grey
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Agriselect Cat Litter Ultra Grey

Agriselect Cat Litter Ultra Grey is a product that is made out of 100% grey bentonite. This is a mineral substance. Bentonite is a kind of clay that is known for its high absorbent qualities. This cat litter has been selected and dried especially for you, to make sure that it answers to your demands. Our  bentonite is dried extra, so that the litter box will have to be fully changed less often.

Because Agriselect Cat Litter Ultra Grey has a finer texture, less of the product is needed than coarser products when changing the litter tray. This product clumps when it touches moisture. If these clumps are regularly removed, the entire litter tray does not need to be fully changed often. Our product also directly absorbs all unpleasant odours. Agriselect Cat Litter Ultra Grey answers to all requirements for environmental friendly cat hygiene, and can be added to regular household waste.